Institute of Experimental Physics


Lomnický štít Neutron Monitor of the Department of Space Physics, Institute of Experimental Physics, Košice, Slovakia is continually in operation from December 1981 when it replaced the older 4 NM 64 type. The percentages are normalized to 100 % level reached in September 1986 and represented 1,745.200 counts per hour. Data are obtained as sums of four sections including linear drift corrections of sections A and B. Data in digital form (archive, current data) are labeled by the time of the end of the interval of measurement.

Detector type:SNM-15
Geographic latitude:49.20 N
Geographic longitude:20.22 E
Cutoff (vertical) rigidity eff.3.84 GV
Altitude:2634 m
Mean barometric pressure:733.3 mb
Barometric coefficient:0.72 %/mb

More details can be found in: "Neutron Monitor at Lomnický štít: Brief description and revised data for 12/1981-12/1999", preprint IEP SAS, December 2000, by K. Kudela, P.Bobik, V. Kollár, R. Langer, I. Strhárský, and S. Štefánik

Acknowledgement: This project was supported by Slovak grant agency VEGA, project no. 2/0029/22
Poďakovanie: Tento projekt bol podporený Slovenskou grantovou agentúrou VEGA, project no. 2/0029/22