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Cosmic Ray Data Links

  • Apatity Neutron Monitor real time
  • Moscow Neutron Monitor real time
  • Erevan Neutron Monitor real time
  • Irkutsk Neutron Monitor real time
  • Oulu Cosmic Ray Station real time
  • Solar Neutron Monitor in Switzerland real time
  • Emilio Serge' Neutron Monitor in Israel real time
  • University of Chicago Neutron Monitor Datasets
  • Bartol Research Institute
  • McMurdo, Antarctica
  • South Pole, Antarctica
  • Thule, Greenland
  • Newark, Delaware
  • Yakutsk and Tixie NM database.
  • Yakutsk Spase Weather Center
  • Rome Cosmic Ray Station database
  • Kerquelen and Terre Adelie Data (France)
  • Cosmic Ray Station Mexico
  • Potchefstroom University for CHE, South Africa

    World Data Centers

  • DataBase at World Data Center C (Japan)
  • Monitor daily averages, at WDC-A
  • DataBase at World Data Center B (Moscow,Russia)
  • Cosmic Ray SPIDR, at NOAA

    Related Databases

  • Current Solar Data
  • Solar Data (NOAA)
  • Geomagnetic Data (NOAA)
  • NSSDC CohoWeb
  • NSSDC SPyCat
  • What is a neutron monitor

  • What is a neutron monitor?
  • The neutron monitor network Picture or Text file